Co-op campaign aims to highlight impact of loneliness

Commenting in July 2014, on the April 2014 ‘Co-operative Group Executive Manifesto’, which underpins the addition of a new purpose, I urged this required more time, thought and reflection. I identified loneliness as a key issues in understanding crucial role the application of our values and principles could play in contributing to future health and well-being. Further details have yet to be announced about partnership working with the Red Cross across the four UK countries, but funding community based co-operative solutions will get my active support and could potentially provide an important focus for the second phase of Co-operative Local Forums.

Co-operative Group National Members Council Cymru / Wales

I have been elected to represent the views of individual Society members in Wales on our UK National Members Council, which meets quarterly in Manchester.

Currently, elected to one of the three Council sub committee’s: Ethics and Social Responsibility, I also represent Council members on the Groups Food Policy Group and the Councils Diversity Working Group. Shortly, I will post further details, which members may wish to respond.

The bulk of the Groups trading activities are in South and West Wales. With limited capacity, the Group is in the very early phase of establishing Co-operative Local Forums, with current pilots in Wrexham, Builth and the Cambrian Coast.

With the demise of local elected structures in 2014, I am very keen to hear from individual members, especially in the Newport and Cardiff areas where i am actively involved in voluntary community activity near our Highcross (M4 Junction 27) and Canton (Cardiff) stores.

I volunteer with a small group of Council members who prepare a weekly digest of relevant Co-operative material to support Council Members, former Area Committee members and other active members. If you wish to be included as a Society member, please get in touch with your email address.

Views are welcomed on how best I can represent your interests, including ideas and suggestions for developing our member-owned business and promoting effective meaningful membership.